Welcome to
           Ashley Grade School

               Where Every Child is Important

Our Mission

The mission of the Ashley Elementary School is to be committed to reaching the goals of all students at their learning level. 

It is important that the parents and other community leaders play an active role in helping all students reach their highest possible level of learning. 

The faculty is dedicated to participating in staff development opportunities that will enable us to be trained, effective teachers that will be able to meet the educational needs and challenges of all our students.

Our Vision 

The vision of Ashley Elementary School, District #15, is to provide educational experiences that will enable all learners to become successful, productive responsible citizens and lifelong learners in an ever changing world.  The district will provide all learners with an opportunity to achieve educational skills to compete for jobs in the twenty-first century.

Student of the Month - DECEMBER

Front Row (Left to Right) Audrey Vohlken (3rd Grade), Logan Smith (2nd Grade), Lillian Elder (1st Grade) and Kyranie Figura (Kindergarten).

Back Row (Left to Right) Dana Watkins (4th Grade), Cadie Baugh (7th Grade), Katie Mason (8th Grade), Dwaine Chwascinski (6th Grade) and Katelin Elder (5th Grade).